DAS10 – Providing Innovative Technology Solutions To Manage Your Business

DAS10 Enterprise Resource Planning System brings the power of large ERP/MRP systems to small and mid-size companies.

Most small and medium sized business manage their business process through a multitude of complex forms and spreadsheets.  DAS10 can take the complexity out of managing these documents by migrating your business processes and your data into our ERP/MRP system where your business can align separate departments, improve workflows, and access the information in real time required to make critical business decisions.

Make Better Business Decisions with DAS10’s Resource Planning:

  • Improved business insights from access to information in real-time
  • Lower operational costs through streamlined business processes
  • Enhanced collaboration from users sharing data in work orders, job tracking, and purchasing
  • Improved efficiency through a common user experience across all business functions; adoption of well-defined business processes; and improved data integrity and financial controls
  • Higher user and customer adoption rates from a common user experience
  • Lower management and operational costs through an integrated system
  • Reduced Risk through enforcing security and confidentiality of information.